Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A few weeks ago, my husband and I were at a party when one of our friends started a conversation about his theory that everyone has a phobia and everyone has a vice.  He asked what ours were.  The answer to the first part is easy - I'm claustrophobic.  The second half was a little harder.  Initally, I wanted to say alcohol, but I was afraid that would sound like I had a problem. So, I asked my husband what he thought.  He hesitated and I said, "well, I almost said alcohol," and quickly, he said "I was going to say wine."  Clearly, he didn't want to offend me or sound like he was implying something bad.  He went on to explain that it wasn't so much wine as the "experience."  He described how my whole demeanor changes from the minute I take out the corkscrew and start opening the bottle.  How he sees my wholel body relax.  And I chimed in that it had to be in a large, red wine glass.  He said, "sometimes I think it could be water in the glass and she would be just as happy." 

It might sound crazy, but this was a pretty monumental conversation.  I feel like one of those light bulbs in cartoons appeared over my head.  I put down the cheap wine I was drinking out of the small plastic glass and made a conscious decision not to drink/eat/put things in my home/wear things that I don't love.  I don't like bad wine.  I don't like drinking any wine out of plastic glasses.  But I do love wine.  And big red wine glasses.  I don't know a lot about it beyond what tastes good to me.  I would like to know more, though, so last week, I ordered two wine tasting books off of Amazon and I went down the road to the neighborhood liquor store and asked for a bottle of reasonably priced wine that I had a restaurant recently - that I loved. 

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